Marko Seppanen, BSc., Director

Geological Consultant and Director, Marko Seppanen, has a range of experience in technical, operational and people management roles at several mines within Australia.

Marko commenced his professional career in the Oil & Gas industry working for several companies including Santos. He then moved to Hollingsworth, Dames and Moore where he was involved in a range of geotechnical consulting projects. In 1991 he joined the coal mining industry at Tarong Coal, where he was the mine geologist before progressing to a senior geological role. He then moved to CRA Exploration as a Senior Geologist, where he was the team leader for a green fields exploration program in the Clermont District.

In 1997 he moved to the Stratford coal mine near Gloucester in NSW where he was the Senior Geologist undertaking exploration work in the Gloucester Basin and developing the geological model for the Greater Stratford area.

He next moved to Sydney where he worked in the NSW Dept Mineral Resources as a geological modeler as part of the Coal Compensation Board. In this role he prepared geological models (using Minescape software) for various coal deposits/mine sites across the Hunter Valley and was part of a team that undertook coal valuations for land titles within these deposit areas.

Marko then joined BMA Saraji mine in Central Qld. as the Coal Quality Coordinator, and was responsible for coal mining schedules, coal quality control, logistics, coal blending and reconciliation functions, as well as coordination of project work and exploration. Marko was later promoted to a Senior Geologist.

His last staff role was as Exploration Superintendent for Xstrata Oaky Creek Coal. In this role he managed a team of staff and contractors engaged in exploration and geological modeling activities for Oaky Creek’s operations, as well as for Xstrata’s exploration permits outside the mining areas where both green and brown field exploration were undertaken. This included sign-off as the competent person for Oaky Creek’s geological resources.

In July 2006 Marko formed Geomine Pty. Ltd.